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About Us

New Zealand Diamond and Precious Stone Laboratory, trading as Gemlink is one of a very few prominent, state-of-the-art equipped laboratories in the country.

Dennis Blacklaws is an internationally qualified and registered Personalty Property Valuer.  He is also an Advanced Valuation Specialist and a Gems and Jewellery Specialist.  He has attained top-level credentials from a number of professional Personalty Property Appraisal / Valuation organisations and Gemological organisations across the world.

Dennis commenced his very broad and comprehensive training within the jewellery industry in 1970.

Dennis is a qualified Graduate Gemologist and Diamond Grader - serving New Zealand from his office and Laboratory in the City of Lower Hutt within the Wellington region since 1978.



Dennis D. Blacklaws collective appellations are:

J.P.(NZ), AiSCV - (AVS & GJS)., AiSV., (AiSoc), GIA® G.G. (USA), CSMJAS. (JASNZ), Ch.Sen.Mem. (NAJA, USA).

2016 Entered Goldsmith’s Hall, Edinburgh Scotland (UK).

2013 Awarded Appraisers International Society (AiS) Registry Seal registration number 0008.

2012 By examination and review the Appraisers International Society Certified Valuer the 'Advanced Valuation Specialist' Diploma earned the following and coveted appellation AiSCV - AVS.

2011 Earned by examination and review the Appraisers International Society Certified Valuer the 'Gems and Jewellery Specialist' Diploma with the following and coveted appellation AiSCV - GJS.

Successfully completed the Appraisers International Society™ (Ai-Core) subscribed (3) Three course series for the 2012 development offering and earned by examination and review the following:
'Advanced and Regulated Appraisal Assignments' AiS-Law™
'IRS & Multi-Jurisdictional Revenue Appraisals' and AiS-Tax™
'Personalty Trial Expert Witness - Trial Consultant - 'Document Reviewer' AiS-Tew™

2010 Completed the Appraisers International Society™ (Ai-Core) subscribed courses for the 2010-2011 development offering and earned by examination and review the following:

Appraisers International Society Valuer (AiSV) and Accredited International Valuer (AiV) appellations. 
Dennis became a Life Member and a Founder Group Life Member of the Appraisers International Society™ (AiSociety™) (USA).

2006 Past President of The Jewellery Apprasiers Society of New Zealand (JASNZ).
Called upon as expert witness and consultant for the Commerce Commission, New Zealand Police, New Zealand Legal Profession and the Insurance Ombudsman Office.

2005 Completed 20 years as a member of the National Council for the Jewellers and Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc (JWNZ).
Elected Council member of The Hutt Valley & Districts Justice of the Peace Association.

2002 Elected as a Life Member of the Jewellers and Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc (JWNZ).

2000 Founder of The Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand (JASNZ) awarded CSMJAS credential.  Inaugural President (JASNZ) (2000-2006).

1997-2000 Elected national President of Jewellers and Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc (JWNZ).

1992 Certificate for 'Detection of Radioactivity in Gemstones' from The New Zealand National Radiation Laboratory (NRL).

1990 Present and Appointed Tutor for (JWNZ) Gemology. Assisted in writing and Tutor for 'Pre-Loss' and 'After Loss' appraisals.
1990 Appointed Justice of the Peace (New Zealand) jurisdiction.

1986 Licensed to use Irradiating Apparatus for Industrial Radiography - The New Zealand National Radiation Laboratory (NRL) now Ministry of Health (New Zealand).

1985 Appointed to the (JWNZ) National Council to represent the (JTVA) Jewellery Trade Valuers Association.

1984 Registered Jewellery Trade Valuers Association of New Zealand (JTVA).
No 15. Gems and Gemology (USA) Annual examination of technological advances in gem testing - identification - treatments and enhancements.

1983 Diploma Charter member GIA® Alumni Assn. Gemologist Diploma and Graduate Gemologist Diploma GIA® G.G. (USA). 
Awarded senior Charter member of The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (USA) with credential of NGJA. No 2256. - Changed 2002 to Ch.Sr.Mem (NAJA) - 2012.

1982 Coloured stone Grading - Evaluation and Identification (Gemologist) GIA® (USA).

1981 Diamond Grading and Evaluation Certificate GIA® (USA).