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Diamond Grading Equipment - Proportion - Colour - Clarity Grading

  • Microscopes - Zeiss and Leica S6 Microscopy with Fibre-Optic - Darkfield - Oblique and Transmitted lighting systems.
  • OGI systems Megascope- using “FACETWARE” grade of symmetry/proportions of Diamond with Cut/Grade estimator analysis.
  • Eickhorst Diamond Pearl/Opal and Coloured Gem Desk-Light system - with ultraviolet inhibitor/lighting.
  • Radiation ultraviolet Class (III) specific (450nm) Laser-Instrumentation.
  • Set of (7) Master colour comparison grading reference (Natural) Diamonds E-R.Carat ScalesCarat Scales
  • X-Ray radiographs to identify internal/external clarity enhancement.
  • X-Ray Fluorescence analysis.
  • Ultraviolet L.w and S.w. Ultraviolet to grade Fluorescence radiation reaction.
  • Mettler electronic digital carat/gram finely calibrated balance for accurate and precise weights.
  • Electronic digital dimension measurement gauges.
  • GIA® Diamond-Lite unit.
  • The Diamond-Sure detection unit for (natural) (synthetic) and/or (CVD/HPHT) treatment of Diamonds.
  • GL Gem GEMSPEC Spectometer analysis system unit and flexi Fibre-Optic illuminator Unit for coloured stones.
  • SSEF (SWUV) unit to detect evidence of (synthetic) and/or (HPHT) treatment of Diamonds.

OGI MegascopeOGI  MegascopeOGI Megascope

A diamond is graded with Laser measurement precision and for cut symmetry grading analysis and demonstrating the proportion analysis of the new GIA® Diamond Cut Grading System.

This is used to compare a Diamond within Excellent through to Poor diamond symmetry/proportions and GIA® FACETWARE cut grade estimator.  The Computer operated unit is an invaluable tool in the presentation of Diamond Reports which includes crown angles, table percentage, facet angles crown height percentage, girdle thickness percentage, pavilion depth percentage and all plot (internal) and (external) details of the gem(s) and are quickly and accurately determined and easily compared to the GIA® exacting standards.

The Diamond-Sure™DiamondSureDiamondSure

The Diamond-Sure instrument is a well-conceived and highly effective synthetic diamond detection instrument, developed by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) in London.

The Diamond-Sure™ does the initial screening, based on research with hundreds of thousands of samples, and can distinguish between natural diamonds and synthetic and/or treated (HPHT) and (CVD) and simulants.
The device gives sharp results: a diamond will either PASS the test or be recommended for further examination.


PL- Inspector

The PL- Inspector (PhotoLuminescence Inspector) allows observation of fluorescence and phosphorescence from short-wave (SW) and long-wave (LW) ultra-violet illumination. These observations can help a gemmologist determine whether a diamond or gem is synthetic or treated. The colour and intensity of the fluorescence provides a useful indicator, with a common test being whether the SW intensity is brighter than the LW, thereby suggestive of a synthetic diamond.

Coloured Stone Identification

  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment - Dichroscope - Polariscope, Refractometer, Sodium monochromatic light source.
  • L.w.and S.w.Utraviolet unit. to grade Fluorescence radiation reaction.
  • GL GEMTEC spectrometer for Spectrum Analysis.
  • Multi Filter analysis.
  • U.V. free inhibitor filter to Eickhorst illumination/light.
  • Electronic Digital Gemscan identification unit.
  • Immersion Microscopy analysis.
  • Comprehensive Natural/Synthetic assorted known Gem species/samples.
  • Electronic digital carat/gram Balances calibrated annually for accurate and precise weights.
  • Hydrostatic specific gravity tests.
  • Thermal tests and Geiger and Mikon radiation detection units.
  • New Zealand’s only GIA® ColorMaster for colour grading.
  • Gemological X-Ray units for the identification radiographs of Pearls, Natural - Cultured - Tissue Grafted and the clarity enhancement of coloured stones.
  • X-Ray Fluorescence and analysis.

GIA® ColorMasterColorMasterColorMaster

The ColorMaster acts as a mechanical memory device for colour, - HUE, TONE and SATURATION  allowing us to reproduce the COLOUR and IMAGE of virtually all gemstones. The ColorMaster can produce more than a million colours for colour matching gemstones. You can think of it as a universal set of master stones.

With the ColorMaster we can consistently describe and grade the colour of coloured gems and get dependable, repeatable colour images. This allows us to show you the appearance of gems which are available even though they are not presently in my inventory. With ColorMaster notations, stones can be easily matched.

Note: Some if not all the equipment listed will/may be used for FORENSIC TESTING - ANALYSIS and may/will be required depending on the particular item presented - and any limitations that may preclude any of the above - will be at the discretion of the practitioner.