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Insurance Matters

Insurance companies require a written appraisal/evaluation and/or valuation from a JASNZ registered and fully qualified personalty valuer/appraisers on all valuable jewellery, watches, antiques and fine art. An appraisal will assist in ensuring adequate compensation for your items which may be replaced in the event of a loss and/or damage occurring.

It is very important to be aware of the type of insurance policy you hold as any claim will be very dependent on the type of policy you have with your insurer.

It is worth inquiring as to the type ie Full Replacement and/or Indemnity and/or Agreed Value Policy you have - NOT what you think you may have. Please check it out.

Insurance policies will also state what value limits are placed on items and what you are not covered for, unless you provide your insurer items which they require to be listed or scheduled.

Some People Think They Don't Have Items Worth Appraising

Items less than $1000 can be listed for inventory and proof of ownership.  It's a good idea to have them listed and appraised by a qualified professional. Many clients are presently surprised to learn of what they do own.

In the event of a loss, your insurance company will ask for proof of ownership and the onus is on you to prove your loss - not the insurer.

Overseas Purchases

Whether you have been holidaying overseas and purchased an item creating memories or found an online bargain off-shore,  items purchased overseas should be appraised on your return home.

Identifying and authenticating an item is important.  If the item is not what it was described to you when purchased, time is often the essence to seek recourse on your purchase.