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We conduct appraisals and provide valuations and evaluations on your items of value and importance for a range of purposes, with a supporting range of services.

Who Requires Our Services?

  • For insurance purposes, an appraisal may be for a replacement Market Value New and/or an Indemnity Value (these are insurance terms).
  • An Estate Market value appraisal sought by you, executors or your barrister/solicitor, may be for equitable distribution purposes and/or family trusts.
  • Market values for clients who may have an interest in the property including, a bank, another third party seller/buyer, or persons who hold an interest in the property may wish to seek an appraisal also.
  • Restricted Summary Appraisals are carried out for an estimate or estimates after a loss.  These are often required by your Insurer.
  • Limited (Inventory) Appraisals for any purpose.
  • Prospective (or pre-purchase) Appraisals. These reports are required for buyers who want to make a fully informed decision before entering a financial transaction.

Exploring Our Services Section

In-House Qualified Professional Staff and Customer Care

One of the most frequently asked questions from customers is whether our services are out sourced.  All of our services are carried out in-house.  We are recognised as the most comprehensive provider of services for forensic diamond and gemstone identification in New Zealand.

Our small but robust team have a combined total of over 125 years of experience serving New Zealanders in the appraisal, manufacture, forensic analysis, identification, grading of diamonds, gemstones, authentication of jewellery and all precious metals.