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Learning The DifferenceInternationally Registered ValuerInternationally Registered Valuer

It is important to understand and be aware that a Gemological Diploma (Gemologist) is a separate qualification and must not be used and presented as a credential for valuation purposes.  Gemology is the study of the minerals and species of coloured gemstones, diamonds and pearls by themselves. It is not a qualification to value gems and jewellery on its own.  

Those that hold Gemological qualifications and conduct valuations are being un-ethical and disparaging to those who are internationally qualified in valuation science and hold Personalty (personal) property Valuer qualifications.

We believe correct disclosure is paramount so as not to confuse, mislead or deceive the client community.

Getting The Right Advice?

When seeking a valuation, you should be aware that increasingly, insurers, courts and others will require satisfaction that the person who provided a valuation was qualified to provide that service. 

We are accredited internationally meaning we have international qualifications to carry out valuations of personal property. 

Being an auctioneer, jeweller, gemologist, or any other related discipline does not qualify as a valuer of personal property. 

Always ask to see the valuation credentials of anybody you are seeking an appraisal service from – it might seem cheap upfront, but if their accreditation doesn’t stand up to scrutiny it’s unlikely their appraisal will either.

Where To Get Help

An appraisal is a professional opinion as to the quality, authenticity, design and monetary worth of your items. It is also a legal document.

The Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand (JASNZ) is the only organisation in New Zealand which members are qualified in the speciality of Personalty Property Valuation/Appraisal Science by examination.

Members of (JASNZ) have a comprehensive knowledge of the jewellery industry and conform to the Standards of Integrity and Expertise required by the (AiSociety) and the (JASNZ) in their respective Codes of Ethical Conduct , Methodology, Principles and Procedures.